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smart manufacturing suite

Smart Manufacturing Suite

Does your manufacturing facility operate at optimal efficiency levels? YES or NO 
Does your manufacturing enterprise in urgent need for improved enterprise-wide productivity, real-time visibility across shop floor, reduction of energy and maintenance costs? Then look no further. Maruway Networks partners with established industrial IoT providers such as EcoAxis India to support manufacturing firms across East Africa to implement Smart Manufacturing Suite.

A digitally integrated shop floor is crucial for a productive enterprise.



Smart Manufacturing Suite allows machines to communicate effortlessly and to relay all relevant aspects of the manufacturing process through analytics. Thus enabling you to gain actionable insights critical to achieve;



Cost Saving on Production

Improved OEE

Improved OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) - the gold standard for improving manufacturing productivity.

Predictive maintenance.

Effective predictive maintenance.

Better trained operators,

Better trained set of operators, all working with real-time data rather than assumption

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