Data Analytics

Data Analytics

In rapidly changing business environment, most companies’ operations have been affected and are now relying on data-driven decisions to make better and efficient decisions that can improve operations and profitability. With right data, companies can uncover vital insights with which can inform the decisions made by their managers or executive management that benefit the organization or the business.

Target: Telecom operators and business enterprises of all sizes especially in Logistics,Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Utilities and education sectors.

Data analyzed can be accessed from any device, any time. Thus,


Achieving real time visibility across the shop floor.

KPIs to be tracked real-time by operator

Collect granular information such as OEE & energy, best & worst performing operators.

Faster decision making

Leading to improved productivity and,

Smart Manufacturing Analytics

Smart Manufacturing Analytics

Once the local network capture individual machine production data, data is analyzed by Smart Manufacturing Analytics framework and converted to actionable business intelligence..

Customized specific KPIs available to the customer

Performance analysis by section or machine

• Top and bottom performing machines or operators
• Assist in capital investment decisions
• Repeat poor performance assessment

Downtime analysis

• Causes of downtime
• Causes of most frequent downtime