Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

As a Managed IT Services Provider, we give you the freedom to focus on what you do best — running your business or focusing on your core function/ mandate. The IT Department is your most valuable asset, but it also requires enormous amounts of time, money, and manpower to manage effectively.

IT Managed Services
IT Managed Services

Expertise, Tools and Support

Our end-to-end suite of Managed IT Services offers a methodology, set of tools, and expertise to manage your enterprise IT by leveraging our people, expertise, technology and processes. We provide cross-functional operational support for applications, data center operations, application development, integration support, security management, SLA management and helpdesk.
IT Support @ Home Services

IT Support @ Home Services

Our Team is working around the clock to ensure you can work from home and enjoy normal IT support.
IT SME Support Services

IT SME Support Services

This targets small and medium enterprises with 1 - 9 users. This package includes email hosting and 24/7 IT support.
Network & Workstation Service Management

Network & Workstation Service Management

We provide on-site and remote support to an entire network of centrally managed computers to corporates.


Our Team is working around the clock to ensure you can work from home and enjoy normal IT support. Our services targets individuals, multinational corporations, Start-ups, SMEs, NGOs and Humanitarian organizations who have adopted working from home as a corporate culture or in compliance with quidelines for management of COVID-19 pandemic issued by government or Ministry of Health.
Our Team endeavors to work around your schedule to help you or your employees get IT support services where and when you (they) need it. We have a diversity of expertise in latest Macs and PCs technology, software and security.
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* Individual Package (Hourly billing)
* Corporate Package (Monthly Billing)

Flexible Payment Options

Our Team is working around the clock to ensure you can work from home and enjoy normal IT support. Enjoy flexible Payment options i.e. MPESA, Pesapal, Credit cards
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IT_Support@Home services is currently offered within Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Other areas outside Nairobi Metropolitan will be considered on case-by-case basis. Our offer includes;
*Day or evening, 24/7 support
*Support for all devices and brands
*Simple hourly billing
*Weekend & Holidays inclusive
*You may cancel your appointment within 24 hours without any penalty Our Staff observe Ministry of Health guidelines on management of COVID-19 pandemic.

IT_SME Support Services

IT_SME Support Services package targets SMEs operating between 1-9 users. The package include;

web-hosting and email service

This service enables you to create and own a unique business domain address, provide email accounts to your employees and customize your business website to optimize on target audience. Our service is easy to use, affordable and no hardware or software is required. Our payment plan includes one-off annual and upfront payment before the service is active

IT support 24/7

We offer contracted support for items provided by but not directly serviced by you organization, including printer suport, vendor software support, machine maintenance, depot support and other outsourced services. This offer includes:
Personal one-on-one help
Customized billing services

Corporate IT Services

Network and Workstation Service Management (NWSM)

For organizations that assign a single employee the added responsibility of resolving all of the varying computer issues for their entire staff or that asks a staff member to perform double-duty by acting as the part-time IT technician, now can choose to outsource these challenges to a professional provider of Managed NWSM Services. Whether the organization uses PCs, MACs, or a combination of operating systems, we can provide on-site and remote support to an entire network of centrally managed computers for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, and in much less time. With Managed NWSM Services by a reliable provider, organizations benefit from a process that often takes place either on-site or remotely. 

Without it, individual computers run more slowly, employee productivity decreases, and systems eventually crash. Be proactive. Ask about our variety of Managed NWSM Services packages today!


Maruway Networks Managed NWSM Services can: 

  1. Help set up email accounts for new employees. 
  2. Install or update all forms of anti-virus protection software. 
  3. Perform operating systems updates remotely. 
  4. Schedule your computer maintenance before or after business hours to avoid disruptions in employee work flow. 
  5. Gain control and predictability over your IT budgetary issues through competitive pricing plans on a monthly basis
  6. Reconfigure individual computers with new or revised IP addresses. 
  7. Deliver and install new software or software updates throughout the office simultaneously. 
  8. Take advantage of a support team that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Have access toa team of specialists for on-site technical support and problem solving when needed. 
  9. Benefit from a system-wide evaluation by an IT expert to ensure that your company receives the most value from your existing IT infrastructure.
Service Integration for Infrastructure and Applications

Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, and departments is a complex task for an organization. There is a need for an enterprise-wide solution that addresses reduced time-to-market, regu- latory compliances, improved revenue margins, improved customer experience, reduced customer churn, minimized revenue leakage, improved operational efficiency and achieve IT scalability, reliability and robustness.

Contact Center Technology(CCT) Implementation and Management.

As non-voice communication channels are increasingly getting popular with customers, enterprises need to ensure robust integration of touch-points like social media, email, chat, and text messaging with their existing contact center platforms. While most enterprises use IVR systems to offer self-service options to customers, complex menu navigation and long prompts often result in an unpleasant experience.

In addition, inadequate follow-ups, multiple call transfers, and long hold times increase the turnaround time (TAT) for customer requests, thereby affecting the efficiency of service operations. Moreover, maintaining legacy contact center platforms is particularly challenging due to the additional effort and significant costs involved. Our advanced contact center analytics derived on six common approaches — Speech, Text, Predictive, Self-Service, Desktop and Cross- Channel helps enterprises to optimize end-to-end customer experience.